Organizational Strategies for Teachers

Hey all!

I recently was asked to present to my fellow teachers how I organize my physical and digital workspaces. Due to a bridge closure (a frequent occurrence in our area) a lot of our teachers missed the training, so I decided to record my presentation in video format. I figured I would share it with you all as well, but I will outline the main points in case videos aren’t your thing.

  • Design your organizational systems to be simple and unchanging whenever possible.
  • Reduce your workload by documenting your processes and reusing as much as you can.
  • Remember that each one of our students thinks/works/lives in different ways, so give them multiple paths/reminders to get to the content.
  • The process should be clear, concise, and simple so that students can focus on mastery of content.
  • Be ready to change your design if it isn’t working for a large number of students.

Here’s a link to the video as well. Have a wonderful school year!