Month: March 2016

So what do we say about dead artists?

I love a good book about artists.  Sadly, they aren’t easy to find.  Art History is a pretty niche market.  Not only that, but Art History is usually written by … Continue reading So what do we say about dead artists?


The ROBOTS are coming! The ROBOTS are coming!

Artwork by former student Christen Gang There are countless articles floating around these days theorizing how Artificial Intelligence will displace the white-collar worker in the same way it has the … Continue reading The ROBOTS are coming! The ROBOTS are coming!


Art Insubordination Presentation at NAEA!

Thank you so much to all the teachers that made it to my session. I knew not everyone could make it, so I recorded it for you. Enjoy Presentation Video … Continue reading Art Insubordination Presentation at NAEA!


NAEA: Teacher Authority

I would like to say thank you to this fellow educator and blogger for attending my session today and giving such an insightful response. His blog is great by the way, so give it a follow if you are into Are Education. Here is his response.


Justin Clumpner presented some valuable perspective in his well-attended, standing-room-only, 8 a.m. presentation. I suspect so many were interested in what he had to say because of the subversive way he described his content. The title of the session was “Art Education Without Authority.” The description emphasizes turning control over to students. And the packet he provided was titled “Art Insubordination.”

Nevertheless, the specific recommendations he made were actually best practices in disguise. I suppose I should be concerned that some attendees only heard the words, and not the meaning, so let me translate a few of the things he said into what I heard.

He said, Reduce Requirements. I heard, design assignments to be more meaningful and promote success for all students. He encouraged moving away from over-structured assignments like drawing realistic self portraits, to more flexible assignments that honor the nature of art and creative self expression…

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NAEA in sweet home Chicago

I am so excited to head back home to Chicago and to speak at the NAEA conference. I have three different presentations on the schedule, so it should be a … Continue reading NAEA in sweet home Chicago